Below are some suggested whiskey tasting themes, though we can come up with something that perfectly fits your gathering.

Regional Tasting:

We explore the history and science of whiskey, including a little introduction to distilling and barrel aging. Then we dive into the five major whiskey-making regions and traditions: Scotland, Ireland, U.S.A., Canada, and Japan. We’ll learn what makes each of these regions distinctive.

Scotland vs. The United States:

The two powerhouses in the whiskey world. Each of these countries has numerous and varied expressions of their whiskey. Typically whiskey drinkers will be for team Scotland or team U.S.A. Learn why and learn which one you like best.

All Scotch all the Time:

This one is for the Scotch lovers. The ones who don’t like their whiskey too sweet and enjoy that smoky flavor. We’ll compare the major regions of Scottish whiskey: Highland, Lowland, Speyside, Campbeltown, and Islay. And we’ll learn the real differences between a blended and single malt scotch.

A U.S. Whiskey throwdown:

This one is all about Uncle Sam. We’ll discuss the fascinating history of whiskey in our country and learn why our whiskey tends to be redder and sweeter than scotch. We’ll explore bourbon, rye, high proof bourbon, high rye bourbons, Tennessee whiskey, and just plain old WHISKEY made in the U.S.A. with no further descriptors.

An Intimate Gathering:

This one is for smaller groups. Just a few people gathered around a table and comparing five or six selected whiskeys of interest to the gathered party.

Let’s Get Serious:

This is a tasting for the folks who have already discovered what whiskey they love and want to explore various expressions within that whiskey tradition. All bourbon, all rye, all Scotch, all Japanese, etc.

Technical Tasting:

This tasting dives more in depth into a number of more technical subjects. How to drink and nose whiskey. How to learn to identify smells and flavors. Blind taste tests. And more information about distilling, mash bills, etc.